photo of summer activity

What’s to adjust to: warm weather, beaches, biking, golf, vacation and any number of other things. To maintain your increased activity level during this wonderful warmer weather—think hydration. Dehydration could make you more vulnerable to neck and back tweaks or worse. That’s why summer really is a time to increase your fluid intake and keep up with your chiropractic adjustments.

 “That may sound self-serving, Yet there are many reasons why you are more likely to experience some difficulties during the summer. Besides an increase in activity level, many people travel during the summer months. Getting to and from airports, long road trips, even simply shuttling luggage from point A to point B can put added strain on your back. Never mind the stress that can go along with those trips. An adjustment before and after your trip can go a long way towards making your trip and your return enjoyable,” said Dr. Michael Zola, president of Chiropractic Society of Rhode Island and a chiropractic physician at the Zola Chiropractic Center in Providence, RI.

Besides vacations, Dr. Zola notes variation in schedules as another reason people can be more susceptible to neck and back issues during the summer. People will often stay out later during the summer time and not compensate for the lack of sleep on the other side.

Of course, with the nicer weather also comes yard work. While people put a lot of care into the initial yardwork during the spring, we often want to rush through it during the summer so we can get back to the fun activities. Even in the warmer weather, stretching before, during and after is key to avoiding problems.

“Summer may provide more opportunities for issues, it does have one major benefit. With the warmer weather, people swim more often. Swimming is particularly beneficial to the spine,” said Dr. Zola. Swimming works almost all of the major muscle groups and does not negatively impact the spine. You can maximize the benefits of swimming even more with a regular chiropractic adjustments.”

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