Member Benefits

 Here are some of the ways you benefit from being a CSRI member:

  • 24 continuing education live classroom credits per year, discounted for members.

  • National legislative presence and contacts on capitol hill addressing issues that face the doctors in our network.

  • Find a Doctor listing with contact information on website.

  • Networking opportunities within the organization; committees such as continuing education, legislation, public relations and insurance relations.

  • Contribute to a PAC fund that will work for you and for your practice every year at the state level.

  • Mentoring opportunities for new doctors.

  • Representation by our lobbyists and consultants.

  • Access to the latest chiropractic news via the csri member only website.

  • Rhode Island representation at COCSA, ACA NCLC, ACA, Medicare CCCAC, NECC, CSRI website.

  • Convenient credit card billing for dues and seminars.

  • Board of Governors working on your behalf.

  • Committees on insurance, Medicare, workers’ compensation, continuing ed, an executive secretary.

  • Two premier events per year:
    • June annual officer installation banquet
    • December annual holiday party

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