Dr. Sue Donahue In a slump? Maybe it's your bra.

Ladies, do you or someone you know have poor posture or slouch?  Suffer from neck, shoulder or upper back pain?  The culprit just may be your bra. 

According to the Chiropractic Society of Rhode Island (CSRI), back pain and poor posture are the two most common complaints in women with large or heavy breasts. They weigh you down and make you slouch if not properly supported.  Without enough support from surrounding muscles and ligaments the weight of the breasts can lead to chronic pain and even spinal deformity. 

“Years ago, women were fitted for a bra much like you were fitted for shoes. Today, with our fast-paced self-service lifestyle, women tend to buy what’s fashionable but not necessarily comfortable or even practical for everyday use,” said Dr. Susan Donahue, a member of CSRI board of directors and chiropractic physician in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. “The end result is many women experience pain on a daily basis, in many cases, unnecessarily.”

Dr. Donahue recommends selecting a bra based on supportive features rather than style, one that will contribute to better posture and less pain. For example, she recommends avoiding the ““uni-boob” bra, which offers no support to the chest and spine and is just plain uncomfortable. Dr. Donahue does recommend separated cups that encapsulate the breasts individually, allowing support to be distributed more evenly. 

Dr. Donahue warns that if your bra rests lower on your back less tension is relieved and the harder, it is to stand up straight.  A high racerback will help to lift and support in a better position and an added cross-back design will relieve tension in the neck and shoulders.  She also encourages front closures with multiple clasps or hooks for the best support where it’s needed most, in the front. 

“If you are experiencing neck, shoulder, upper back pain or find yourself slouching look at your bra, a properly fitted bra just may be the answer,” said Dr. Donahue. “And if your neck and back pain persist, you may want to consider chiropractic to alleviate pain and sustain your new and improved posture.”

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About Chiropractic Society of Rhode Island (CSRI)

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