How to stay healthy this summer

Chiropractic Society of RI offers tips on how to beat the heat and get healthier this summer

With the nicer weather comes an increase in activity. That can be a drain on you both physically and mentally if you don’t make some adjustments between rounds of golf, yard work and backyard barbecues. You can prevent neck and lower back pain this summer by taking but a few simple precautions.

“We can sidestep so many issues by drinking lots of water and staying hydrated,” said Dr. David Dwyer, president of the Chiropractic Society of Rhode Island and owner and chiropractic physician at Tollgate Chiropractic in Warwick and Wakefield, Rhode Island. “Proper hydration not only prevents exhaustion but boosts energy levels. Water also improves muscle elasticity and joint lubrication. So, merely by drinking a few extra glasses each day—you should probably be drinking about 64 ounces per day—you will be less likely to feel the pain after a long walk or a day of body surfing at the beach.”

For other summer health advice, Dr. Dwyer recommends avoiding overloading bags or backpacks before heading out on a hike or day at the beach. The extra weight on your shoulders can cause sprains, pain, and additional problems. To prevent muscle strain, just pack the essentials in fanny packs or reasonably-packed backpacks.

Dr. Dwyer also recommends bumping up the amount of stretching you do during the summer months. Even though the weather might be warmer, you should be stretching more due to the increase in activities. If you have a long road trip planned, make sure to take stretch breaks. Sitting for long periods can cause tension in the knees, shoulders, and lower back. Stopping every half hour or so to stretch can prevent trouble literally and figurative down the road.

“One of the things that sets some people back during summer is a mind set that if I’m more active I don’t have to watch what I eat. Summer might be the time for barbecues, but you want to balance off the burgers, ribs, and potato salads, with fruits and vegetables,” said Dr. Dwyer. “In fact, you might want to overload on the fruits and veggies to avoid feeling bloated. In addition to feeling fuller longer, fruits and vegetables offer the vitamins and minerals you will need to stay energized, without packing on extra pounds.”

With your increased level of activity, combined with the heat and humidity, be sure to get your rest. Without enough sleep, you’ll be running on fumes. Between activities, use the time to take naps and refuel. Little cat naps here and there can really make a difference. Of course, many people suffer from insomnia during the summer months. If that’s you, chiropractic has been beneficial to many people who toss and turn and suffer sleepless nights. If you’re not currently seeing a chiropractor, you can find one at

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