Chiropractic provides relief for carpal tunnel syndrome

Those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) will try just about anything to relieve the pain in their hands and wrists. Most will even consider surgery. In fact, carpal tunnel release is one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States. Yet, new findings reveal nearly half of these surgeries are unsuccessful in relieving symptoms, and more and more carpal tunnel sufferers are turning to treatment that doesn’t involve medication or surgery, such as chiropractic.

The source of the pain in CTS is the median nerve. The median nerve originates at the spine and travels through the shoulder and arm, then passing through a narrow “tunnel” at the wrist to the hand. Compression on the median nerve anywhere along its’ path may result in symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Why chiropractic?

“Chiropractors are trained to evaluate where nerve compression may occur, whether it is at the spine, shoulder, elbow or wrist and then work to relieve that compression.” said Dr. David Dwyer, president of the Chiropractic Society of Rhode Island and a chiropractor at Toll Gate Chiropractic in Warwick and Wakefield, RI. “If there is interference, it can result in carpal tunnel syndrome and potentially cut off or limit feeling and movement to portions of the hand.

Dr. Dwyer recommends chiropractic treatment as a way of accurately assessing where there may be interference impacting the median nerve and using the appropriate treatment to free the nerve. That treatment can include chiropractic spinal adjustment as well as gentle manipulation of the wrist and elbow.

“The dangerous part of carpal tunnel syndrome is doing nothing. This can cause permanent nerve damage to your hand or thumb,” said Dr. Dwyer. “So, while people figuratively and literally agonize about how to treat their carpal tunnel symptoms—injections, surgery, etc.—they are endangering themselves by doing nothing. With chiropractic treatments, you can improve gradually without drugs or surgery.”

If you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and are not currently seeing a chiropractor and want to explore how chiropractic can help, you can utilize the “Find A Doctor” feature on the Chiropractic Society of Rhode Island’s website,

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